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Our stand-alone (host building-independent) prefabricated Faraday cage offers optimal shielding from RF/LF/HF signals and is suitable for a wide range of applications for a modern laboratory. Our Faraday cage is designed to serve or even surpass the large majority of demands for shielding in today's laboratory. Our unique design is easier to operate than faraday cages with hinged doors and can be modified, to create less disruptions based on your workplace. It can be placed both fully opened and closed, and remains in place without a clamp. All the parts are fixed and the entire unit can be assembled within already installed screwdriver in a few minutes. Our Faraday Cages, have a convenient diameter hole in the side and back panel base. This function enables the cable connection to the cage's interior and holes to protect sharp edges, with a smooth rubber liner to ensure a longer life by providing enhanced access and simplified assembly.

Faraday cages


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